Monday, December 28, 2015

Ironman WA 2015 Race Report


Before the race Pic Jade Armstrong

Pics by Ninja Photography

Pic by Jade Armstrong

Ironman Busselton number 9 and IM 14 overall. A mix bag of results. I finished in 13:19 , 2 minutes faster than last year in slightly tougher conditions.Slowest swim in 1.41 hr and slow bike time of 6.21 hr but it is the sum total of mixed training  in that I probably did not apply or push myself as hard but did a sufficient amount of training to get through comfortably without hurting too much. Oddly , my time 2 years ago was an hour quicker and probably on about the same amount of training. But I was happy to finish and it sets up a busy 2016 year .

Looking at the positives I did not hurt on the bike or run I was just slow. I had a really good recovery and strangely this year no cramping issues. I do have to look at the nutrition as I found it hard to take in any more than 5 gels on the run when I had plans to take in 12 -15 gels. Wasn't happening but I had never taken in that many gels and even in my fastest run in 2010 I had less gels.

The cold conditions this year and the swell on the swim made for an interesting experience in a usually hot race . 

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