Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tour De France 2015 Stage 19 Col Du Glandon

The last day of the trip before we break up at Geneva. We had a long drive via Italy to the base of the Col du glandon which we drove over to get to Alpe D'huez earlier in the week. Today was Stage 19 of the TDF and we were going to ride up partway to watch the Peloton riding. It was another hot beautiful day in the French Alpes and there is just breathtaking views everywhere you look. we all met up at a carpark at the base of the climb did some shopping at the supermarket for lunch and then with backpacks headed up the climb which the Peloton would be doing in a few hours.

Having driven over it was no easy climb and I was thankful we were not riding all the way to the top .With a full back pack and some steep climbs and the heat it was slow going. We started in a town called La Chambre and then it is just a straight climb with a fairly easy gradient just getting more difficult. There were French police stationed every few kms and we had to dismount and walk at each checkpoint which was bizarre as they could see us getting back on and riding. I got as far as 6km before we decided on a spot at a corner to watch the Peloton fly by. It was a long wait as people and cycles moved along the route for vantage points. Then the long line of vehicles and sponsor trucks rolled by with gifts and freebies and then official cars and at around 3.20 pm the roar f the helicopter overhead and then we saw the lead cyclist climbing up the mountain followed a minute or two behind by the peloton and Froome surrounded by sky riders.I was busy trying to capture as many pictures as I could and only got a glimpse. I did get a bidon thrown by one of the cyclist .We then rode down for the lond drive back and a dinner at the Old Town in Briancon . memorable 2 weeks with great memories and pictures. ( write up on Col du Glandon in Climb by Bike )