Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 3 13 July 2015

                                                            Dinner the night before

                                                                View from room

                                                                views whilst climbing

                                                                          at the top

                                                               coffee break by the lake

It is the Day Before Bastile Day and another day of climbing the beautiful mountains around Bough St Maurice .

I was up early at 5am and had a quick walk and then Breakfast at 8am .It was then a quick change and off we went at 9am .today was a shorter ride but with the legs and back tired from yesterday , any ride was going to be challenging. After 2kms riding through the town we hit the road to Montee Du Cormet de Roseland which was a straight climb for 20kms . it was slow and the legs were tired .I rode on my own for most of the ride and was passed and passed a few cyclist.Lots of hairpins at the beginning and it was hot. My Garmin 800 kept pausing as I was climbing which led me to think I was so slow even my Garmin was not picking up my pace.It was all very disheartening butI am told it may be just that the Garmin was losing the connection with the Satellite . Whatever it was , I got to the summit in I suspect 2 hours and then we all rolled down to a lake on the other side where we had coffe and sandwiches. It was then time to ride back up to the summit a good steady 6km climb in the hot sun. Once we got to the top it was a fast downhill back to town. I got as fast as 75kph and others 77 to 79kph..Total climb was about 1600m .

Once back at the hotel I just lay comatose in bed for a good 1.5hrs recovering . Tonight it is dinner at 7pm and then fireworks in the town celebrating Bastille Day tomorrow. Viva France.