Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 5 Col De L'Iseran

 Profile of the Climb

Going through one of the many Avalanche Shelters

Dam on the way to Val D'Isere

MJ and Hoffy at the start of the climb

At the Top

Coke on the rocks

Not sure whether to cry or laugh . Today was a tough ride for a weak rider like me. Early start at 8.15 am and 32km to Val D'Isere and then a 16km climb to the top of Col De L'Iseran . It was I thought supposed to be a gentle ride to Val D'Isere but unfortunately was a hard climb all the way and that took a fair bit out of me .We regrouped and then rode up to the summit. I was last , struggling with the gradient and the fatigue but mentally made it a goal and was glad I got to the top .It was hard breathing and being asthmatic I had a coughing fit which didn't help. The views as shown in the pictures were spectacular and I got a chance to step on some ice and snow still about . I had about 3.5 bidons and then some coke and after a short recovery we all headed down. I was last to get up so the faster riders would have been waiting awhile. I took over 1.5 hours to ride the 15 kms or so to the summit. The ride down was much easier and enjoyable. After lunch at Val D'Isere I got a ride back and the rest rode back. It was mostly downhill as I had just ridden up most of the way noted to but decided It wasn't worth tiring myself any further and I needed to get my cassette replaced. I had a 25-13 cassette and really needed one with the big cog at 28 .Only managed to get a 28 and had to change the chain as it was too stretched. Not surprising given the workload. Beautiful weather again today but it was still hot and I have got pretty burnt despite sunscreen. After 4 days of riding this is the maximum days of riding I have done and the maximum amount of climbing I have done. As of today I have done 235kms of riding in 4 days.

Tomorrow we move South to climb Ventou after a short climb in the area  .I am not sure if my body is ready .We will see.

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