Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 28 Tapering & Living On A Prayer

The in joke about my Training for an Ironman is simply that I haven't . Life somehow conspired to get in the way of a perfectly good training programme or simply put I just got distracted .As in all journeys there were lots of detours , false starts and just plain laziness. Its been the most laid back relaxed preparation since Ironman New Zealand which was just a case of being mentally exhausted from too much training.

This time round it has been fun and relaxed. The dog takes some responsibility for the rather slack attitude as I have spent far more time with her and the Family . Even when training this year she has been by my side whilst I do my wind trainer sessions and she has been on some runs.

This past week with 3 weeks to Ironman WA at Busselton , I put in a decent effort . I did have a few rest days as I needed it . I got my weekly massage from Adele and that helped at least get my legs back to some level of not feeling sore all the time. Thursday , I got in a cross fit session , Friday , a run with stairs and ramps along Sorrento. Not a lot of distance but just lots of climbing for an hour.

Saturday , another 112km ride down the freeway bike path and run off the bike .It was a little wet and windy at times . Lots of friends and fellow triathletes were out . Managed a reasonable pace around 30kph and I felt reasonable comfortable.

Not the fastest but for the little training I have done. I think I am where I am . Sunday , I was down at Sorrento , the old stalking grounds . We all swam but it was a little swelly and I struggled .We did about 1200 possibly 1600 m before calling it a day.We then all ran 10 , I did 11km in just over 1 hr so felt like a good pace.My swim training has been non existent and for a not so strong swimmer it will be he leg I would be worried about .

It has been a good week .The training has dropped down , not that I had any hard weeks this time round. There were far more issues to get stressed about and an Ironman Race is just not one of them .