Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 26 & 27 Getting close

Sunday's recovery walk with Irondog watching

A month to Ironman Busselton , still not stringing any consistent training. It was a week of easing back after no training last week.

I managed to run on Monday and did Cross fit on Tuesday , then on Wednesday I ran again doing a 10km run with 6 x 1km at 5 minute pace at lunchtime. On Thursday I did a hard cross fit session, no riding and Friday had an easy run . Saturday I missed morning training ending up sleeping late but made it to Cross fit. I did ride on Sunday when everyone else was racing Mandurah 70.3.I was planning on watching the race but had to put in a long ride training session. I managed to get in 105kms in 40C heat . I ran out of nutrition and water so had a coke at Metrio and my wife picked me up as it wasn't really worth riding the rest of the way home in the heat. Only the 2nd time ever she picked me up but I suspect more out of concern that I was riding in noon Perth traffic then the heat. In the afternoon I ran 10kms in the heat and the legs were well and truly cooked.

Cross fit 3hrs
Bike 4 hrs or 105km
Run: 40km or 4hrs
Total 11hrs

I had the next 3 days to recover as everything was very sore.I had a massage on Tuesday and that helped but could not bend or walk let alone run. In hindsight not the best Sunday training day especially as the legs were sore from cross fit the day before. There were only a few riders out on the course so it felt pretty quiet on the bike path . I had a good strong wind on the way back and the heat . My next training session was Thursday 13 November with a cross fit session , I then did some stairs with Boris and crew on Friday and on Saturday we rode the freeway . I missed them at the Narrows start but eventually we all made it back . I had a puncture near Paganoni Road and wasted 2 cannisters as I kept unscrewing the valve as I tried to disconnect the gas connector from the valve. Had a fellow triathlete stop and help me. Rode the rest of the way with no cannisters and no pump. Hard day but the legs felt a lot better this ride than last Sundays . My garmin switched off after 21kms so I had no idea how slow or fast I was going .I just tried to keep it as consistent as I could. Lots of people calling out but they were so fast I could not really tell who they were but obviously everyone was out on the freeway bike path. I even got touched up by someone on the BYL crew riding past. Not sure but they were motoring back at near 40kph.

I ran a short run ,just under 3km off the bike , then had coffee with Lindsay and JD . In the afternoon it was cross fit ladder of exercises with weights .Iam glad I used 20kg especially with the overhead squats as the legs were sore. Managed the full workout getting up to 9 repeats for each of the 7 exercises we had. On Sunday got to City Beach for a mini triathlon but with the Open Water swim happening we ditched the swim and did a 32km bike ride and a 10km run. I have not had any Ocean swim training since the Half Ironman in May. The ride and run brick went well. I felt pretty good on the bike and managed to run at least 5-6 km at 5.30 pace and the rest at  under 6minute pace. Despite  the slow start to the week I managed a few good sessions.

Cross fit 2.5 hrs
Run 2.5 hrs or 20km
Bike 5.5 hrs or 144km
Total: 10.5 hrs

Nimal having a rest
Saturdays ladder session staring with one of each exercise followed by 2, 3,4,5 and so on

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