Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 29 Stay Calm You are an Ironman

Relaxing with Molly

ATTA Time Trial Tuesday at Kings Park

Cottesloe beach Sunday Swim

Sorrento Monday's Swim

Wednesday Sorrento Beach

After Saturday's Ride Playing with the Dog
Two weeks out to Ironman WA on 7 December 2014 at Busselton .My eight Busselton race in as many years . I missed the first to third races as I had not started on this Triathlon journey back then.

This has been one of the more relaxed and enjoyable training period leading into an Ironman. I did wish I had swum more but time and energy conspired against that . Having said that , I will try and enjoy the experience . The female Pro list is very impressive and I hope I get a chance to meet a few of them. I particularly hope Pip Taylor does start as she has a long Triathlon Pedigree and as a new mom it will be nice to see her back in Triathlon as will Beth Gerdes who raced IM Langkawi some 5 months after giving birth to a baby girl . Luke McKenzie will be with her cheering so I hope to say Hi. I still have his little hand scrawled note transferring his Kona slot after his IM Japan win .(can't cash it in unfortunately) . But they make the race a little more special and it will be sad that there will not be pros in the field this time next year.

With 2 week to go , not a lot I can do to get stronger or faster , just maintain what I have and hope for the best . I started out the week with a swim at Sorrento in the morning. It was a lot calmer and Lindsay and I and Dennis got in a good 1600m swim. I felt slow but more comfortable in the water . In tha afternoon a slow 7km run in my Hokas .

Tuesday I did the ATTA time trial at Kings Park .Hard work as I was really slow on the ride up Lovekin Drive even though it was not steep . I managed to keep at Threshold pace on average and did the 17km loop in about 38 minutes .Pretty slow but good baseline level for future rides at Kings Park. In the evening did a short crossfit session , about 30 minutes and I did not push hard.

Wednesday , another swim at Sorrento and we did about 1400meters .It was a good and flat ocean day.

Thursday  I did not ride in the morning as it was thundering and just did my cross fit. A solid session of 45 minutes .Friday , I swam again , lots of stingers but we managed about 1400 meters.

Saturday , Lindsay , Alan and I rode from Sorrento to Rous Head at Fremantle and back .A distance of 55km and we averaged just under 30kph. It was hard work going down in the headwind but we got the tailwind coming back and made good time. It was a short 2 hour ride and then took Molly out for a walk and run .In the afternoon , cross fit with 150 push press , 150 squats and 50 push ups for time  . I managed it in under 30 minutes .

Sunday , I swam with Les at Cottesloe .Managed about 2.25 km and again I was slow but got more comfortable as I went. Tim came along and Trevor was suppose to come but he got burgled that morning .

Tim is fighting a recurrence of his cancer and so life is put in perspective. You can get ill, bad things happen and great sporting heroes die suddenly (as in Phillip Hughes tragic death this week) but life goes on and there is more to be thankful for then sad. Despite the lack of preparation and training , I made it to the other end , I am not stressed and I am glad I am here . I have printed my checklist and I have started getting ready for the race. Lots can go wrong hence I always revisit the basics. (see my blog on  Helpful hints and Words )( Coping with pre-race nerves )

In fact it is chalk and cheese how I recall my first IM race in 2007 and now. Watching the first timers prepare , it isn't sufficient to tell them it will be alright the work has been done and time to just enjoy the day for what it is ...a long training day.The sun will rise the next day and no one else will notice but you will be an Ironman. No matter how the race pans out , your race doesn't define you.  It should hopefully make you stronger for having tried .