Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 23

After Saturday's ride all tired out

A little late as it slowly draws down to Ironman Busselton.I have had a mixed and far from perfect preparation largely put down to just motivation. Everything aches and hurts and I have been feeling my way through a mix of sessions trying to get the right amount of rest and recovery with specific workouts mixed in with cross fit .It has been largely hard as the sessions have all overlapped into the next and made trying to get the most of what I had planned done difficult.It had been a little hit and miss and primarily this years race has not been such a priority . I have succumbed to everything else in life being important and so sessions have been missed due to just a lack of motivation to push through. It is a balancing act and mentally I have not been as focused.

This past week I have done my usual run on a Monday at lunch . just an easy 9km run .On Tuesday I did my wind trainer session 40km in over an hour using the Sufferfest DVDs. Wednesday had a run at Lunch and a swim in the morning ,one of my rare morning sessions covering 2.7km . On Thursday skipped the ride and did cross fit .I was pretty sore the next day but swam in the morning again doing about 2.5km and ran at lunch an easy 7 km .On Saturday I did a long ride tagging along with Exceed riders doing the freeway ride . Got dropped and rode mainly on my own for the 130km ride .Wasn't fast and felt quite tired at the end. I wasn't exerting much power as well so may have just been tired . I did manage to get to Cross fit in the afternoon .
Thursday's session

Sunday I decided to just have a rest day.

Run : 3 hrs or 26 km
Bike: 170km or 5.46hrs
Swim: 5.2km or 2 hrs
Cross fit :2 hrs
total: 12.46 hrs

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