Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 7. Here Comes the Rain

Boris Fit Squad with our matching T Shirts .They are lime Puke to match the intensity of the sessions

After the  hiccup of the flu and a wasted weekend , I was hoping I could work it off this week. The end of the week was another rain soaked weekend. Could not avoid getting wet a few times despite the loads of thread mill sessions and Saturdays wind trainer session.

Monday. I managed to run 13 km  rather slowly with the chest infection and coughing and spluttering and then 2km in the evening with Molly as a cool down .I got to swimming and again managed to finish the session with 2.4km comprising 400m warm up, 300m drills  and then 2 x 250m at threshold and medium and then 5 x 100m at threshold and medium pace followed by another 250m x 2 and then cool down .

Tuesday I was on an hour of power but decided to just follow everyone on an easy ride round the river . I ran at lunchtime and did some efforts for 7km and then in the evening joined the Exceed group at Yokine but ran on my own . I did another 6km with 1km x 2 at threshold and then 2 x 500m at threshold .Total 13km .Did not make it to cross fit .

Wednesday .A little tired so I missed swimming in the morning.I ran again on the treadmill with efforts comprising 12-13kph pace for about 3 -4 km and ran a total of 8km in about 45 minutes   .Again doing some leg exercises after the run.

Thursday . With the wind and rain in the morning I skipped riding. I ran again on the thread mill (5km )  and had a good cross fit session called The Wisdom .Hard work out and I took 69 minutes to complete it.

Thursday's Cross fit session

Friday: I rode down for swim training which was 200m warm up , 300m of 50 backstroke and 50 free and then 200m x 3 followed by 100m x 3 at threshold ,easy pace  repeated .Followed by another 200m x 2 and then cool down of 100 m .total 2.4km .In the evening I ran a slow easy 4.2 km with Molly in the rain and wind . She enjoyed it more than I did.

Irondog Molly training hard

Molly after Friday Nights run Wet but Happy

Saturday was supposed to be a hills ride but with the rain coming down hard sporadically I decided to opt for a wind trainer session with Iron-dog Molly keeping an eye on the training .Watched a few DVDs and tried to maintain a consistent pace but found it pretty hard at the end. It was a slog of 80kms .The legs were pretty wasted and did have a snooze in the afternoon before cross fit . Another hard session of cross fit but with matching T-shirts from Boris so we at least looked good despite being tired.
Saturdays Storm It session .Got to love Burpee pull ups

Sunday . Legs were sore from the cross fit session and 3 hour wind trainer session but I managed to get out for my run and it was a beautiful day although a little cool in the morning with some wind. But definitely much better than the past few days .I had  my water bottle and shotz .Slow and steady for 18 plus km and then back to take Molly for the last 2kms .Just over 2hours .

Swimming : 2 hrs or 4.8km
Bike:6.5 hours or 160 km
Run: 6 hrs or 65 km ( Molly ran 8kms)
Cross fit : 2 hours
Total: 16.5 hours