Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 6 Staying Alive

Saturday's murph

Spring and the weather is definitely looking and feeling better .the days are longer and the sun is rising earlier.

Monday. I split all my runs with a lunchtime run on the Threadmill at the gym in the building. Iam usually the only one around with the odd person working out on the weights so it is an ideal session.I ran 7kms with 3kms at 5 minutes or more pace. In the evening I ran another 6kms at an average 5.30 pace and then had my swim session at terry Tyzacks.We did the usual warm up and then a core session of various paces at 200 and 100 and 50s for a total of 2.3kms.

Tuesday.I got up late and so had to really rush to the cycle session but made it in time . I rode with Cassie and she had to try and stay with me . It was hard work riding alone but managed the full 3 laps possibly a little slower than last week .

In the afternoon , I did a 5km treadmill session and some legs strengthening exercises.In the evening it was Borisfit. A good hard session with burpee clean and jerks and squats and hollowrocks .I completed it in under 40 minutes doing 150 squats and 75 Burpee clean and jerks ( with 25kg weight) and 75 hollowrocks  .

Wednesday : pretty tired after Tuesdays hard sessions so I again had a split run session of 7kms on the treadmill with a warm up and cooldown with 10x 400m at 5 minute or faster pace and a 100m recovery. In the evening I ran a slow easy 4kms and then had my swim session. it was a 300m free and 50 back and 50m breast for the warm up followed by 600m x 3 at various paces for each 200m with 60seconds recovery after each 600m. Finished it with a 100m cool down as I ran out of time.Did 2.3kms again.

Thursday was a hard day .Got to the office at 5am and found that I had a flat .I change the tube pretty quickly and used a  gas canister and it felt soft  but ridable. It was hard going doing laps and staying with the girls on the efforts which were about 10 minutes .Did 4 of them for the hour session and rode back to Venn Cafe.The best part of the session.After coffee I found the tyre was pretty flat and so that explained the really hard session. I cycled the 1km back to the office but the tyre was pretty flat by then. I pumped it again with a canister to see if it was a leak and by the end of the day it was completely flat.

In the evening , Cross fit was a short session but by far my toughest.Boris called it HOPE . Really meant NO HOPE. How hard can 15 minutes of exercise be. Simple exercises for a minute each .

  1. Burpees 
  2. Snatch 25kgs
  3. Box jumps
  4. Thrusters 35kgs
  5. Pull Ups
I was so tired that by 9.30 I was asleep . I did have a sore throat for most of the day so that may have slowed me down . My right arm is still hurting from the Pull ups ,snatch and thrusters .

Friday I couldn't get to swim training in the morning .In the afternoon I ran 7km on the treadmill at Lunchtime . I did not run before the swim session just to have a break . The swim session was pretty good.Lots of new swimmers so I ruled lane one for the first time in a very long time. Did 400meters warm up and then 600meters of drills all in fins and the main set was 8 x 150 meters at different paces and a 200 meters cool down for a total of 2.4km.

Saturday and Sunday turned out to be a bit of a non event. The bad weather on Saturday morning meant no ride .I wasn't prepared to get wet or fall. I already had a sore throat and a runny nose. I did make it to cross fit .It was a hard session called Murph with 1.6km run and then 100 pull ups , 200 push ups and 300 squats followed by a 1.6km run .I did it in 1.08.50 s . Pull ups were hard and I could only manage one at a time as my arms were so sore from Thursdays session.

I was going to ride on Sunday but had a head cold and flu and just decided to rest.

Swim: 3 hrs or 7km
Bike: 4 hrs or 90km
run:  4 hrs  or 38 kms
cross fit: 2.20 hrs
total: 13.20 hrs