Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 5

Double Paganoni Celebration at Metrios

Running In the Gym

Monday Feeling a little tired so it was a rest day

Tuesday . Early cold start .left home at 5am and I was riding to Nedlands by 5.20 am . It was an hour hard and I rode in a small group of four but soon I was on my own and then managed to jump onto the faster group for 5kms before getting dropped at the climb to the round a bout .It was a hard session but managed a respectable pace. Still a long way to go but feeling stronger .

At lunch time it was a 5km run on the thread mill and running at 10 to 12kph but the HR was kept relatively low.

In the evening it was Cross fit weights.I was late but managed to hang in there for an hour.

Wednesday .I ran at Lunch time on the thredmill and then again after work for a total of 13km and swam in the evening .With drills and warm up did 2.1km of swimming.

Thursday .I skipped the morning ride and ran at Lunch time and went for the cross fit session. Friday I made my first morning swim session.With some parts with fins I swam 2.6km The main set was 200s ,100s and 50s at different paces.I ran again at lunch doing a 5km session and then in the evening did a wind trainer session and ran for 6km .

Saturday I was tired so decided to skip the Hills and just did a wind-trainer session .I went down to Metrio for coffee and to see the Kona bound Exceed triathletes complete their Double Paganoni challenge which was 200km and 1 hour of running before 12 noon. Great achievement in very trying weather on Saturday and Rodney had 4 punctures.

The week;
Swim: 2 hours or 4.7km
Run: 3.5 hours or 34 km
Bike: 4 hours or 100km
cross fit: 2 hours
Total: 11.5 hrs