Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Winter Cold

Saturday's cross fit workout

The weather is just as cold and wet but I have got over the worse of the virus .The guts have taken a beating and I have only got back with a few short runs and 2 sessions of cross fit . I was still feeling tired and unwell on Saturday so rested and did cross fit in the afternoon. It was Michele's birthday so we did a lot of  45 repeats in a series of pretty tough exercises.Never a dull moment in cross fit. I am amazed how little upper body strength I have despite the swimming (not recently anyway) I have done  for the past few years.

It has been a journey of discovery. Little steps. I am now planning for the start of training and more structure with the hope I can manage to put together a few months of proper training . At the moment the cold dark mornings are not terribly inviting .

Reviewing last years plans seems to have thrown up the same issues although I was just recovering from my fall. I had the same concerns regarding the state of my cycling and running . Unfortunately , on Tuesday another Exceeder came off his bike on the way to Training .I am very fearful of riding in the wet at the moment as I can't afford any major injuries .

This week has been good with a good cross fit session on Tuesday by candlelight as there was a power failure. Managed 45 pull-ups with a band and 45 x 40kg of Dead lifts and then 150 Thrusters and 150 push ups. Did about 9km of slow running as well.

If there are sceptics as to the benefits of strength training just read :

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