Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

Geralton Marathon Presentation 7July 2013

Part 2

What do you enjoy the most about our sport? 

The people you meet, the places you see, and there is no greater 
feeling in the world than achieving a hard earned and fought 
after goal. Forget Disney Land, the finish chute of an IM is the 
happiest place on earth!

What is your favourite race and why?

Busso - home crowd, flat and fast.

Who or what in Triathlon inspires you? 

My inner desire/curiosity to find out what my body is capable 
of doing. I want to know where the limit is and I'll keep pushing 
that boundary until I find it. 

 Do you have a favourite workout and if you do what is it? 

I love a long run on my own, just cruising to the iPod. But
also really enjoy the satisfaction after a 90min hurt fest on the 
bike with some of the strong ladies at the Exceed Club. 

What’s one unique thing we might see if we peeked inside your 
training bag?  

Um, nothing too out of the ordinary there. Lip gloss maybe.

What’s your favorite pre-race or mid-race fuel?

Pre race is some honey on toast with a cup of tea, followed by 
a long macchiato topped up with skim milk. Mid race -  
pro-mite sandwich (love that salty stuff!).

Do you have any rituals or good luck routines you do before 

My pre-race coffee is a ritual now, I also like to find a quiet 
spot, away from transition and other athletes to listen to music 
while doing a light stretch. I use that time to get into 'race mode' 
using meditation and visualization techniques.
What’s your favorite triathlon discipline to compete at? 
 RUN - when that run starts, I'm home safe. No mechanical risks 
 (flats) once I'm off that bike.
What music keeps you motivated during training?
Last lap Pic K Duffield
I have a huge variety on my iPod. From Metallica, Beyonce, ZZ Top, Genesis, Ginspoon, top 40 hits, and even a bit of country.
What’s something people might be surprised to find out about you?
I'm not a committed church goer, but I do say a prayer before bed each night (so much to be thankful for!). 
When you are not training or competing, people can find you:
dining out with friends, cutting up the dance floor at a good club, on the couch, camping or fishing.
What’s one race you haven’t done yet that you like to do someday? 

After spectating IM Melbourne this year, I would love to go back 
as a competitor. That, or IM Roth - I've hear great things!

(bonus question)  What question did you hope that I’d ask you, but haven’t?  And what is the answer to that question

"Favorite quote?"

A "When I stand before God at the end of my lift, I want to be able to say 'I used everything you gave me'". I.e. Making the most of every opportunity to the best of your ability. I live by it every day.

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