Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not such a hard week

Monday 18 May 2009
The week started out hard but fizzled with the rain on the weekend .
I had a late start on Monday and skipped the swim but did a 2 hr run in the evening .
Did approx 19.5 km in 1.50 and felt ok .Ran at a medium pace and did not push hard.
It was dark and cold so a lttle hard running.
Tuesday 19
i did my ususal ride at nedlands and was alone for most of the ride till robbie caught up and rode the last 2 laps with him and hung in there taking turns when I could.
it was hard but with the run the night before I felt good.I did 66km and averaged just under 31kph.
That included the slow ride to nedlands so i think I was averaging 34kph for the 1.5hrs.
I have noticed the improvement in my ability to atleast hold the speed and stick with the stronger riders .In the evening I did an interval session as I was busy on wednesday evening.That went well with 4 x 7min at thresshold and the rest easy. Did 1.15m
On wed did the swim session and managed a slow 2.4km
Not feeling the need to push the swim sessions as I will focus more on my stroke after Austria.
On thursday witht he rains I slacked off and rested.I ran to swim session on friday evening and then ran back making it a 2.15 hr session.
On sat the rains came and i tried to do a computrainer session but the computer failed so I gave up.
Hope the weather is better this nest week as I am running out of time.
but overall I feel Iam stronget than the last campaign.