Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 2 Ironman Training

Queens Birthday Public Holiday run at Bells Rapid with Molly and Borisfit crew
The 2nd Week of training was much the same as the first .I have improvised a lot of my training plans and I don't sweat too much on the fact nothing always comes together perfectly.

Monday was a public holiday so I ran instead of swimming . It was a 60 minute run at Bells Rapids with lots of hilly trails and Molly had an absolute ball with the cold wet weather and the Swan River to jump in.

Tuesday . I skipped the ride around the river because of the weather forecast and so did a Windtrainer session for 75 minutes with 6 x 4 minutes at over 100% FTP . It was always hard on the windtrainer and real had a good work out . Missed Cross fit .

Wednesday . A short run session with 4 x 1km at threshold , the fastest was at 4.30 min/km pace and then 4 x 500m at threshold pace as well . Ran about 8.5km. I swam in the evening with a  400 warm up ,400 with paddles ,40 x 25m with 1 hard 3 easy and 2 hard 2 easy and then 200 cool down all in 25 m pool which was  warm.

Thursday another ergo session on the Road Trainer programme called Petite averaged 140watts for the hour.
I did my own gym session with :
5 x 10 bench press 35kgs
      20 sit ups
      20 arm rows
      20 triceps
      1min planks

Friday: An easy 50 minute run at midday and in the evening swam for 2.5km straight with a Pull Buoy.

Saturday .I did a 135 minutes on the wind trainer with a Road trainer program and that was pretty hard with the legs feeling pretty tired . I ran off the bike with Molly and she ended up in the drainage canals .In the afternoon it was cross fit with snatches , cleans and sumo high pulls .

After Saturday's run of the bike

 Sunday: I rode to Ewen Street and then did 4 hill repeats . The legs were pretty tired by now but managed to get the ride done in the Big Chain Ring . Coffee and then Nimal dropped me off at Cedric Street where I rode home finishing the week with 42kms .

Did not swim or run on Sunday .

Bike: 6.5hrs or approx 175kms
Run: 3.15 or 28kms
Swim: 2hrs or 4.5kms
Cross fit: 1.15
Total: 13 hours

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