Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 3

Inside this Body Is


trying to get out

 Thats how I feel this week. Really slow and trying to get back into a faster mode. Slowly getting into a routine. Monday I missed the swim session in the morning but did my wind trainer session in the evening with a standard 10 minute warm up and then 2 minutes at around 215 watts and 2 minutes recovery , repeated 10 times. it is a hard session when going all out. I watched a You Tube video of the Col du Glandon and Alpe D'huez climb whilst listening to Frank Sinatra's greatest hits and heaving and trying to get enough oxygen . Molly slept through the whole session .


 Tuesday , I missed cross fit and did my run along the river trying to get a tempo pace up but really just keeping it at a slow 6.30 pace . The HR was still a little high but I was not struggling. It was still getting dark pretty early in the evening and so part of the run was in the dark.

Wednesday I swam in the evening .My first swim session in 8 months other than the Alpe D'huez triathlon. It was in the evening with a 500m warm up with 200m medley and then 4 x 300m with 150 free, 100medley and 50 free at fast pace. I just swam at a steady pace trying to get in the distance.Long way to go to get swim fit. Then 4 x 50m fast and 100m cool down for 2km.

Thursday was and is usually a long day with a ride session in the morning.Today it was all out high cadence on Forrest Road Kings Park done 5 times just trying to get the cadence up and improve the cardiovascular/aerobic levels. it was a hard session with a recovery going down Lovekin.We then did 3 climbs on Forrest trying to stand for a minute or more as we climbed. Then back to the car park and on to West Perth for coffee.

In the evening ,it was run training taken by Rene Baker  , a Pro triathlete .It was at Perry lakes and there was just the 4 of us with 3 girls and myself all of them lots younger and faster. Started the warm up at a 5.30 minute per km pace which was hard and then after some drills and stretches we did 4 x 1.2 km at supposed 80% pace but i think for me was pretty much above threshold. i I managed to hold the pace at 4.30 minutes per km for the first 1.2km and then after a 2 minute recovery ran the other 1.2kms at 4.42 , 4.57 and 4.52 pace. We did a cool down and I was pretty stuffed.

Friday , fortunately just a swim session in the evening with another 2km set made up of 300m warm up and then 200m x 8 and a 100m cool down.

Saturday , a long ride on my own.Started late at 7.30 am and rode from home down to the city with lots of stops and then on the Freeway bike path turning around about 52.5kms .I did 10 minute threshold efforts along the way with a 5 minute recovery and managed about 3 to the end and then one more on the way back before just keeping a consistent pace . I did get wet with a short shower at the end. I did not see to many cyclist about.Got home and ran off the bike . The legs were totally sore. rode 105 km with a 3km run .

In the afternoon it was cross fit with a pretty hard session.I did all the weights bar the last managing 10 repetitions of the clean n jerks at 35kgs. I slept pretty early that night as I was pretty much done.

Saturday Cross Fit WOD 5 September 2015
Sunday.It was a 1.30 run at steady pace. I maintained a consistent 6.50 to 7 minute per km pace for the whole run with the Hr staying at about 125 to 135 for most of the run completing 13kms .  In the evening I did my ergo session instead of Monday because of a commitment so it turned out to be a full week. 

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