Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 2

Like Ironman training it's hard work looking this cute

A full week of training minus the swim sessions sums up the week. I haven't yet ventured back to the pool but will have to soon as the clock ticks down. It has been a gradual start and not too time intensive . It has also been pretty good on the body .  I have had no real completely sore moments yet.

I have also done a VO2 test to work out my threshold and in comparison to last year I have had a bit of a slide possibly from the lack of specific work on the wind trainer and threshold efforts or higher so it is in the programme now . We will see if it makes a difference.

The week started with an ergo session and just an easy warm up and then 2minutes @85% effort or in my case staying between 200 and 230 watts , then 2 minutes recovery and doing it 10 times. Lots of sweat and panting with Molly lying under the computer table as I struggled through the session.

On Tuesday morning Instead of the usual bike ride I ran for an 1hour trying to keep a tempo pace for 50 minutes . Again very slow at about 6.30 pace doing just under 10kms.  In the evening I had cross fit with a  session on clean and jerks skills session .

Wednesday ended up being a rest day as I didn't swim again.

Thursday was a long day with a session at Kings Park at 6 am doing hill repeats on Lovekin five times at 60 rpm and in the big chain ring and then high cadence on Forrest drive for 20 seconds with 40 seconds recovery , three times on each climb and repeating that 3 times before a final 1  minute standing climb up Forrest Drive. Then coffee at West Perth with a 1.30 hr session and about 35km of riding. In the evening I ran with 4 x 5minutes at threshold and the rest of the hour at just above easy pace. Again did about 9.5 km . Friday no training and Saturday I skipped my ride as I thought it was going to rain and did a 3 hour wind trainer session with 10 minutes at threshold , three times with a 5 minute recovery between. I really managed 2.50 and then stopped as the legs were pretty much spent after the first 2 hours and especially after the threshold efforts. I then ran off the bike with Molly but it ended up being a pretty slow run and it rained as well .Managed 3 plus km in 25 minutes .Really felt tired after the session . Had cross fit in the afternoon and thankfully it was a skill session on the snatch .I managed a good 30 minutes before deciding to just rest the sore tired legs and use the foam roller to roll out the knots in the muscles.

I slept pretty well that night as I was dead tired. On Sunday with the City to Surf run on in Perth I got to Georges at City Beach at 8am despite the closed roads and ran from there for about 8km before meeting Nimal and Michele running from Sorento . I then ran back with them .Michele turning back near Hale Road . We went on to Georges and I managed to run 16kms with the legs feeling pretty tired. It was a slow 7 minutes per km but at times I was running 6minute kms. Slow but a start.

Pretty happy with the training so far .It has been slow but hopefully with the speed work and strength work there will be some slow improvements. Just need to start back in the pool.