Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 20

Guardian of the Galaxy - Spirit in the sky

An easy week  beginning of September 22 as I skipped a number of session this week just from fatigue and work.


A run of 8km easy at Lunchtime.


Ran again at Lunchtime an easy 7km and then did a wind trainer session with the suffer fest DVD for 1.15 doing 40kms .


I ran in the evening a round Kings park but did not do intervals just kept the pace up just above threshold. Ran 10kms

 Missed the bike session and just did my Cross fit session .It was a hard work out.There was an interesting piece on building atheletism with such workouts ( Why You Need to Be Doing Burpees from the Outside Magazine ) Anything with burpees in it is hard. I was quite sore the next day .I managed a run at lunch with an easy 7km run as well and a short 4km run with Molly before Cross fit.


An easy run of  8 km and then a swim in the evening .I had an easy 500m swim and another 500m then 800 with PB and then 700 without  and 500 to finish .Total 3km.

Saturday's Cross fit session

I decided to skip riding.The weather was foul and just had a rest .Did attend the cross fit session.


Rest Day wasn't the best so just caught up with Trevor and Les for coffee.

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