Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 19

After wind trainer session

The time is rolling by quickly. I have had two lighter weeks partly just out of circumstances and feel .

The week beginning 8 September was week 19 since I started preparation at least for Busselton be it at a very informal and relaxed pace. Little swimming and a bit more bike and running but nothing like the hours from past programmes as the blog will attest. This is a very uch minimalist approach to training for my sanity , health and probably well being and longevity in the sport. grinding out miles and hours may help but probably in the long run it will lead to injury and for me just turning away from the sport.

 as expected an easy run at Lunch time of 8 km . Kept the HR to under threshold and ran at about 6min -6.15 pace.Not fast but I wasn't struggling either.


I ran again in the afternoon just 7km and then in the evening did a session on the spin bike for 1.10 - a sufferfest dvd trying to keep my heart rate above threshold.I did take the breaks offered but by and large kept the heart rate going .Rode 40km


I ran an interval session and did 10km with 5 x 1km and 2 x 500m at below 5 minute pace. In the evening I swam by myself finishing a steady 2.5km with a 500m warm up and then 700,600 , 500 and cool down 200m .


Rode in the morning at Kings Park doing a high cadence session for about 30 minutes and then managed just 4 climbs on lovekin before I had to head back to the city for work. In the evening it was a hard cross fit session .


Got a short easy run in of 7km and then decided to skip the swim.


Had a hard 2.5 hr wind trainer session with the sufferfest DVDs . 85 kms of sweating as it was warm . went through 3 T shirts and was pretty tired after the session. cross fit in the evening was  just that little tougher with the legs tired.
Saturday's WOD

I was supposed to be swimming but the weather was not ideal so I ran earlier , an easy 7km along the coast and fortunately we skipped the swim as the rain came as we were having coffee at Daisies in Cottesloe.

Swim: 1hr or 2.5km
Bike: 5.5 hrs or 150km
Run: 4 hrs or 40km
cross fit : 2hrs
Total: 12 hrs

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