Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week 18

Coffee at Metrio after Saturday's ride

The weather has been steadily improving despite a few showers in the morning and I have not totally escaped getting wet. After the sore left knee stopped any serious training for a few days I was keen to get back


A good easy run at lunch time running 8km @ 6.30 pace and then in the evening swimming at Terry Tyzacks on my own. I did 3 x 1km at just under threshold to medium pace. First time I felt OK in the water but still slow .


Cycled in the evening and did a 1.45 session with high cadence riding around Nedlands and then just riding up and down Lovekin Drive in Kings park. Not too many people about finished in the dark .Rode about 45km with 6 repeats up Lovekin drive.


Ran at Lunchtime doing my intervals .A little slower with a sore knee but managed to do 5 x 1km @4.50 pace . ran about 10.0 km . In the evening swam again with a 500m warm up and then 700m ,500,400m, 300, 200 m swim and a 100m cool down for a total of 2.7km .


I did not ride in the morning as planned but ran in the afternoon an easy 6km  and then got to cross fit a little late so ended up doing the last bit of the workout on my own. The pull ups are always the hardest for me.

Thursday's WOD
Molly and Sufferfest

I ran in the afternoon another easy 8km run @6 15 pace and in the evening rather than swimming did a wind-trainer session for 40km with a Sufferfest  video .It was a hard workout trying to keep my HR above threshold

It is always hard trying to keep the heart rate and legs at that level. Pretty much shattered at the end of the session.


I managed to finally get out at 5.30am and rode to the Hills on my usual course
Saturday's Ride up in the hills via Mundaring . There weren't too many cyclist at the start but up in Mundaring there were a few riding the hills. I rode back via Metrios where I had a quick coffee with the Exceed crew and Ross before riding home .Dropped Jonathan off at Karate and then took Molly for a run.It was a short run of 3.5km as she seemed tired and did not want to run the 5km I had planned.

In the afternoon it was a good cross fit work out with 6 rounds of exercises lasting 8 minutes including a work out on the rower . 
Tired after Saturday's run off the bike


I managed a really good nights sleep and rode from Deep water point to Wandi for the time was just enough of a distance to warm up the legs .the time trial was hard as the legs were pretty tired after the Saturday ride and cross fit. I was a little slower than my previous attempt as expected. managed a 33kph average and missed a turn on the first lap. The heart rate was struggling to get above 145 bpm so I knew I was tired and the legs were not firing.

ATTA TIME Trial Wandi 14 September 2014

Wandi ATTA Time Trial Start Line

After the time trial I rode back and had breakfast at Georges with the Boris crew . legs were tired . I was suppose to run in the afternoon but after various family commitments , time just ran out.

Swim: 2 hrs or 5.7km
Bike: 240 km or 9h20m 
Run: 36 km or 3h50m
Cross fit: 2hrs
Total: 17h10m