Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 16 Sort of Rest Week

Whilst it was not written into the programme , the last week in August did end up being a easy week.I managed a fair bit of running ,no swimming , a bike ride and 3 cross fit sessions. The lack of sleep and the heavy cross fit sessions and running had taken a toll on the legs and it was good to have slackened off towards the end of the week just to recover from some of the soreness and fatigue.


Pretty easy day with an 8km easy run .

Rainy Tuesday

I got up early and rode at Nedlands.The Exceed squad had a river loop so i rode on my own clocking 48km with just under an hour at above threshold pace. Finished the set and  got caught in the rain as i rode back to the city In the afternoon an easy 5km run .

In the evening it was cross fit with max weights .managed to dead lift 90kgs and stopped but probably could have gone a bit higher but chose to just focus on getting the technique right .


Did my intervals sessions with 6 x 1km @4.45pace and walked a minute and ran a minute between each 1 km run. Ran just under 10kms.


It was raining so I skipped my bike session. I did do the cross fit session and run an easy 7km .
the Cross fit session had a km run at the beginning and end with 50 ring pulls, box steps holding a 10kg plate and 50 push ups.


An easy day with no swimming and a short easy run of 7km


Saturdays Session
I did not ride today an opted to run 15km and then did cross fit in the afternoon.


I was going to ride but felt pretty tired and so just had a rest day.

Bike:  48km or 1.40
run: 53km or 5.20
cross fit: 3 hrs

Total: 10 hrs