Monday, April 15, 2013

Beacons of inspiration

The silence of the blog has largely been reflective of the drop in activity as I really did have a break after Ironman New Zealand. I unfortunately needed it and have lost a lot of fitness in the process.

I have only one race now Ironman Busselton at the end of the year. Hence a lot of time to slowly try and rebuild the engine. It won't be easy. I have started with some running and static exercises. I have been running with a 3 time Kona Ironman so the company has been good even though I am slow and puffing , it does help to have company and a commitment to run or train because someone is going to be there.

I have learnt that most triathletes have had some difficult periods through injury or just chronic fatigue.It is an occupational hazard for endurance triathletes. Mentally it can equally be challenging.

Whilst I haven't done much physically , I do note there is a lot of endurance activity and in Perth this past weekend there was the Tour De Perth , 2 triathlons , and a marathon and 50km run in Bunbury . There was also Ironman South Africa .

Congratulations to the many who participated.  A special mention to Sofian from Malaysia who completed his 16 Ironman race. The World triathlon Corporation also announced the Lottery and legacy spots earlier today and Congratulations to Enrico Varella for obtaining a slot in the Kona Legacy lottery. After 14 Ironman races and 8 years of racing it is well deserved and a reflection of the tenacity of racing and training smart.  Another West Australian , Paul Heyes also got a lottery slot. A strong triathlete and one who has been competing regularly for many ,many years I again think it is well deserved.

There are many great and inspiring stories. The journey begins but a big dream , wishful thinking many may think , but with perseverance and tenacity there is hope. I hope the break and the rest will rekindle some of that desire and hope . I have many beacons of inspiration to follow.