Monday, February 4, 2013

The coundown to IMNZ

Tim checking his phone messages at the Race after the ride down to Mandurah

The week started with a great swim at Cottesloe.The Exceed group had gathered on the traditional Monday public holiday at Cottesloe.The group swam between the groyne and the needle and I decide to swim down the coast past Blue Duck cafe .It was about a km there and a km back . I then met up with Les and Trev for coffee and very good chocolate and raspberry muffins at Daisies .  I had a run in the evening but just felt lazy.That continued on Tuesday as I skipped the bike and run session. I just felt tired.

Wednesday I got my self out of the rut and did my 1.15 session of cycling the hills at Kings Park. It was quite a hot day but worthwhile.With work and just a mental laxity or burnout ...not sure which yet , I just couldn't face riding or running on Thursday. I finished the week with a swim on Friday evening and did a good 2.4km session with 800m warm up and a 1400m main set and a 200m cool down. the left arm is sore but not overtly . On Saturday , I gave training a miss ...although I was planning to ride a 100km . I decided to ride on Sunday . Tim kindly agreed to come and so i had to show up at the Narrows bridge car park at 6.30 am . Rick twine was an unexpected visitor and rode with us till Mt Henry bridge. From there we rode to Paganoni Road and then down Mandurah Road to the estuary where the State Olympic Distance Championships were held. We had coffees whilst we watched the cycling leg and then went to the main/finish area where the Exceed Tent was.

At Mandurah after the ride down Picture by Dennis Tan

I had a coke and another coffee and the after the men's and women's open winners finished , we rode to Mandurah Station with the intention of taking a train back. By now it was hot . unfortunately for us there were no trains running between the Station and Cockburn central which was 35 to 40 kms away. We had to ride. It became a 143km ride with the temperature sitting at 47C with a breeze. I had to change a tyre at about 12.30pm and the bike path along a limestone wall had a temperature of 53C .It was very hot . We managed to refuel at the petrol station at Thomas Road and that helped. Saw 3 riders and I think everyone was regretting the decision to ride in such heat . Interestingly , I had 2 bidons of Gatorade , one of coke , 2 /3 of water  and just dates for fuel and hydration and no cramping.

We got to Cockburn Station which was 20km from Perth but Tim had had enough and so we took the train.I didn't try to talk him out of it. It had been a long day. Not quite the training week I was suppose to have , not even one according to the plan but i take some comfort in that I have one long slow ride under my belt and hard as it was I was able to go on.