Friday, February 22, 2013

Kids Don't try this at HOME

If there is anything interesting about preparation for an Ironman it is the lack of preparation for the upcoming IMNZ.

No excuses other than a very lethargic and fragile mental state. But it will be an interesting experiment into how much preparation is needed to survive a race and then I will at least know what is required as a minimum .

Having said that it is not going to be pretty . I pray I finish but I am not chasing PBs and I am not expecting fact this will be a pretty relaxed race in comparison to the previous 9 .

in stark contrast to my friends racing who have done 15 plus hours , I have barely done any hours and despite a programme I have only tip toed through it i am embarrassed to say. but i feel well and reasonably fit. The contrast is gigantic when I read Gina Crawford's buildup after Wanaka on her Blog ( Ironman new Zealand Build up ) or a number of triathletes in Lanzarote preparing for Abu Dhabi long Course .

But so be it for I made my bed and I have to lie on it .Unfortunately there isn't going to be much lying down on the 2nd of March .