Sunday, January 27, 2013

Moving On

Watching the Fireworks on Australia Day Perth

After a relatively easy week , this week has been a jolt to reality. There isn't a really easy plan . I am just managing to do enough to survive an Ironman race.

I had Sunday off and on Monday did my easy run at Lunch time with the temperature in the 30s C . It was warm but not bad. .I ran easy and did 9km .In the evening it was a swim session with 2.4km and the main set was 10 x 200m at various pace. I feel a lot better with the swim and my left arm.I did a 1/2 hour session in the gym to strengthen my arm and some core work so the legs were a little sore.

Tuesday , I skipped the morning session ,I was just tired. I did my run session in the evening.It was warm and after the 3km warm up we did some exercises and then 10 x 500m at different paces. It was a hard session on the grass. I did another 2.5km cool down for about 11km in total.

Wednesday , I swam in the evening and also did a 1.10 session on the bike doing hill repeats in Yokine.It was boring and a relatively short climb about 2-3 minutes so I did lots of it.

Thursday , the Exceed group had a brick session so there was just Mal and me doing efforts around Nedlands. It was 6 x 10minute efforts and 5 minutes easy. I saw and waved to Kate Bevilaqua who was just coming back to her car after having swum in the river.She was at the far end of the loop I was doing.

It was a slowish session in comparison to my capacity but it was a start. I at least finished the session .
 In the evening I had my long run and it was extremely windy along the river and still warm. I had a 2 hour run , my legs were just sore and I was not looking forward to running . But it was a necessity if I am to get through the race. I now only have one speed . Slow . I started off just trying to get through the first hour. I only had water at the 2.5km and 12 km mark .For the first hour the wind was a headwind and it made running pretty tough. The run back was better but the legs were hurting.My heart rate never really went up and I was glad to have finished be it a slow 17km . Friday was a recovery day. I swam in the evening .It was a relatively easy session .500m warm up with breast and backstroke thrown in , 300m of drills with some dog paddles and sculling sets and the main set was 200m fast , 100m easy and 50 fast and 50 at threshold x 3 .Lane one didn't finish the set and we all did some racing side by side I left early having done 2km .

On Saturday , it was a ride round the river as the alternate to a 150km ride. I rode down to the narrows and started with the Club. Got dropped at Cottesloe and even though there was a group of club riders at Point Walter , I never quite could hang on to them so I was on my own for most of the ride. I was just slow. I rode back into the city and the usual coffee shop was closed. I rode back home the long way round the river and did about 95km .The legs were just too sore to run off the bike . The rest of the week was just recovering from a hard ride and Thursdays session.