Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back to training

From the Wellsphere Website

I am back and recovered from my bout of flu.I have started back training .Not easy especially getting back into riding.

The week started with an easy run for an hour and then swim session .On Tuesday , a90 minute hard session at Nedlands whilst everyone had a ride round the river. I was OK for the first 2 laps but  soon I was struggling , lots of riders were out and about. It was a 5 am start and I had all up about 2.15 hr on the bike. The only other Exceed riders were Katy and Michelle who passed me about an hour into the ride. I could not jump onto their back wheel. I was just toast by then. Rode about 63km and the legs hurt. In the evening we had intervals at Yokine reserve .I had a 2km warm up and then 4 x 400m at interval pace and then 3 x 800m at threshold and then 400 x 4 at interval but by then I was rapidly slowing and wilting with the heat and humidity.

Wednesday was just swim training and the legs were really hurting. I skipped Thursdays training and just needed to rest the sore legs. Friday I did my swim training. Unfortunately Saturday was a bit f a disaster. i started out to ride in the hills but had a puncture and broke my left cleat.Ended up doing very little in the end as I limped home.

I am hoping with 6 weeks to go , I can put in a few more consistent efforts or it is going to be a bit of a slog in march.

At this point it is a lot easier to be discussing and reading about Lance then training . Such is the life of a triathlete , the Training is not an optional choice but an unfortunate necessity .