Saturday, June 9, 2012

Returning To Kona

That Julie Moss Moment

Julie Moss was and is famous for the 1982 Ironman Kona race where she crawled over the finish line coming in second .It galvanised the spirit and captured the imagination of  athletes who took notice of the race and Kona has steadily grown into the iconic event it is.

triathlete magazine: Julie Moss returns to Kona

She is coming back to race this year as an invitee of WTC and she will be racing with the eventual winner in 1982 .A sort of a reunion with Kathleen McCartney . She has the pedigree and last raced in 2003 in Hawaii having retired from pro racing in 1990.
It will be an interesting contest but most of all this time round she will have the wisdom and the benefit of her past travels to enjoy the experience .

I’m looking forward to being present – being really present throughout the day and especially on that run. Hopefully not having pain that would force me out of being present! Acknowledging that the miles are going by, and feeling a flow. Feeling like it’s moving along and that I better pay attention and enjoy it, because it’s going by fast. I humbly acknowledge that the women in my age group have all qualified to be there and it will be a privilege to race alongside them