Saturday, October 1, 2016

Week 18 Hawaii taper

Finaaly in Hawaii ,with the first week in Honollulu trying to acclimatise after the coldest winter perth has had for 20 years and probably the wettest as far as days with rain.Everyone in the family has had the flu and I have survived with a lingering cough.

kept to a routine although i have not ridden ion the roads as honollulu is pretty crowded so all the training has been in the gym

Had the Sunday 25 September off with travelling via Sydney to honollulu a mere 16-17 hours with a short stopover . Got to the Hotel and had a ful day to adjust to the timezone .Got a full day and started Monday with a 10km run in the Hawaiian sun in the arvo and then a swim on Waikiki beach but just a short 1km swim.

Tuesday a bike session in the gym with 1 hour mixing in 20x 1minutes at max pace then 10 minutes hard on the threadmill .Wednesday a swim 2km and a run on the threadmill with 1minute at 8%,2 mins at 6% and 3 minutes at 4% and 5 minutes flat between and cooldown.

While swimming i got stung on the left wrist and that swelled up a fair bit ,could not move or flex the wrist and I assumed it was a jelly fish but not sure what stung me.Still stiff but took an antihistamine and some anti inflamatories for it.

Thursday had a rest day and Frida a nother 1 hour bike in the gym and a 40 minute easy run along the beach and then a swim in the evening in the crowded Waikiki Beach.

Tomorrow heading to Kona for the final week and soaking up the atmosphere and festivities before the race.looking forward to getting the bike on the Queen K and experiencing the atmosphere butmindful of the history and the heat and winds.

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