Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 6 & 7

Saturday's Wind trainer sessions with Molly

Creedence Clearwater -Who will stop the rain

The last few weeks of the build phase with rain pushing the training indoors.

The weeks are all merging into a blend of the daily training grind in the cold and wet days. The swimming has been the hardest to adjust as there is so minute a change or improvement.  Getting back to basics of just getting my position and breathing right has been the hardest.

Monday 4 July . Just a long swim with 70 minutes in the pool on my own with 400m easy , 400 paddles and then the main set:
400 EASY
20 X 25 1HARD 3 EASY
Total 2.7km 

Tuesday : Ride round the river with Exceed group.It was their easy week but the front group dropped me at Stirling because of the lights and I was on my own for the river ride never seeing the front or the back of the group. 45kms done. In the evening it was a 45min cross fit session . 

Wednesday Just a run with 50minutes with 10 minutes at moderate pace and 10 minutes hard which for me was about 4.35 minutes per km. I skipped the swim today . Thursday I did a wind trainer session for 60 minutes using Road Trainer and did 3 x 7 mins @ 225Watts . Hard session . Ran at lunch time just doing an easy 4km run. 

Friday : An easy run 6km and then 2.3 km swim in the evening :
 600m easy
100m x 3
150m x 2
150m x 2
3x 100m easy
cool down 200 easy

Saturday .Weather was bad again and so it was an hour on the wind trainer . I just couldn't manage a 3 hour session as the legs weren't working. I did run to the pool and swam 1600 m and then ran back before going to cross fit so I still ended up with a solid nearly 4 hour session with the cross fit .

Sunday .Again really wet conditions meant I did another wind trainer session with 2 hours and then a 7.5km run off the bike .

Week 7

Felt tired on Monday so had a rest day no swimming.

Tuesday : I rode indoors with a hard 75min wind trainer session with 4 x 8 minutes at 225 watts . Then a short 2km run off the bike.

Wednesday : A hard run session with 9.5km , 15 minutes moderate , 15 minutes moderate hard and then 10 minutes hard with the rest easy .All in 52 minutes. then just a short swim session at Beatty Park   with a 1.5km straight out swim and then a massage in the evening .Needed that even if it hurt like hell.

Thursday : Rode to Cross fit and then a clean and jerk session to a max of 50 kgs and then rode home .Friday Rode to work and swam in the evening with 2.5kms and ran an easy 6kms .

Saturday . I had a late start so I did another wind trainer session and the weather wasn't that great . Rode at about 170 watts for 70 minutes out of a 75 minute session and then ran 5kms and swam 2000 m before cross fit where we all did various versions of bring up sally (see video below) without the weights including lunges , push ups , squats and the leg lifts below with some of them repeated for a good 45 minute session .After the day of riding and running the legs were tired.

Sunday : Weather was still not so good with intermittent rain .I started late with a wind trainer session 60 minutes with 4 x 6 minutes at 205 watts and then ran for 10kms with 6.5 km with Molly which was a little slow. In the evening a 2km swim without the PB .

Slowly feeling a little more comfortable with the swim even though I am still slow .