Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 A new beginning

Phuket with lots of hills

and beaches

After a good break of about 3 weeks I am back. It has been a very easy recovery following Busselton Ironman. No injuries and no major trauma to the body. I have been cross-fitting and during my break ,kept up some running a few swims and working out in the hotel gyms.

The return to training has been leisurely and I have not followed any programme  . In the first week back , I did no cycling just running and cross fit and a swim on Sunday .In the second week it was back to a more regimented schedule.

Monday no training having just got back . On 21 January did have a bike session with 30 minutes on threshold and 15 minutes fast with a 10min recovery and rode to Nedlands and back. I ran 6km at lunch and did a cross fit session in the evening.

Wednesday 22 January I did a lunch time run of 6.5km on the treadmill and then im the evening a 20km cycle doing hill repeats and running a further 4.5km .

Thursday Biked for an Hour just doing threshold efforts for 10 minutes with a 5 minute recovery . I ran 6km at lunchtime and cross fit in the evening.  Friday i skipped training and On Saturday did my first hills ride for the year up Welshpool and the Pickering brook loop and again rode to cross fit in the arvo on my fixie . A total of 110 km. Sunday was just a swim session at South Fremantle for 45 minutes trying to get reasonably ready for the Rottnest swim which I am doing in a team of 4. We just did short 5-7 minute swims and got in and out of the pontoon .

It was Australia Day . I usually would be riding round the river or in years gone by would race the Point Walter race .

Thursday 30 January FGB

The second week back was a very easy week. I swam on Monday in the river which was a lot murkier than the ocean. Did not manage any training on Tuesday and Wednesday and just rode and did Borisfit on Thursday .I did a longish run on Friday with 9km on a treadmill and 13km around Kings park.

The next week I will need to put in a few more hours and effort.

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