Monday, February 1, 2021

Week 8 OFMG A NEW YEAR 4-11 Jan 2021


“Make friends with pain, and you will never be alone.~Ken Chlouber, Colorado miner and creator of the Leadville Trail 100 mile race”

This was suppose to be an easy week in preparation to the OFMG 25 km run at the John Forrest National Park on 9 January.

Unfortunately with the prediction of very hot conditions at the end of the week .The race was postponed to 30 January.

I kept to the routine with an easy run on Tuesday and another run on Thursday and then did a 4 hour run on Saturday in 39C heat . managed 24 km with 300m plus elevation. .Also did Yoga and 2 cross-fit sessions for a reasonably light week .

Back to 2 more weeks of training then a short taper to the OFMG 25 km run before preparation for helping and pacing at Delirious 200miler.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Week 7 Dec 28-3Jan 2021


Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. John Muir 
 A very restive week with no work and just training and relaxing.

Have kept up the meditation each day some days better than others .Have managed to enjoy some great ultra running films on You Tube and I have listed them below as they are worth watching for the sheer beauty of running in some parts of the world especially now when there is no travel it is worth reminding ourselves how beautiful the planet is and the importance of caring for it. Even the runs I do have a new found sense of the beauty of doing what I do in the environment .

Monday did a work out in the gym and body pu,p
Tuesday Run on the treadmill with 6 x 1 minute at 80% max HR
Wednesday rested
Thursday I again ran easy on the treadmill for an hour and some walking
Friday Hour work out in the gym
Saturday 1.5 hours walking at 9 min per km pace for 10kms with 250 m elevation
                 1.5 hr Yoga in the afternoon
Sunday Run in the hills for 2 hrs .

Kalamunda Sunday Morning Ideal Social distancing 

The week has been a good balance of rest and running and watching some inspirational films .2020 has been a year to forget and remember .Looking forward to a better running year with goals conquered .

During the week I binged on video on ultra running and here are some of the great films on ultra running:



Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Week 6 Christmas Easy week


"“Do not give up. In order to reach your goal, be regular, be determined, be cheerful! Do not give up, do not give up! The Goal is ahead of you. If you do not give up, you are bound to reach your destined Goal.” -Sri Chinmoy"

The week is slowing to a restful recovery week from the programme .I only had 2 days at work and with Christmas on Friday 25 December I had 3 days of rest between sessions. 

Started with a rest day and meditation.I did a cycle session at the Gym .On Tuesday it was an hour running  with 4 x 500m on a hill .I did Mount Street and found it hard going with my coughing but got through the session with 7km . On Wednesday ,I did my strength session at the gym and an hour of Yoga ,felt a lot better for it .Again did my meditation in the evening when everything was more restful. Focusing on rest and parts of the body that one could relax such as the earlobes , hair finger tips breathing and feet. Harder to focus on these then just the other form of meditation learnt so far which is see, hear and feel and labeling the action and just moving on .

Thursday Christmas eve even though there was nothing on , I did a gym session with 5km of running and strength work .Mainly planks, and working on my balance on a Bosu ball.

Friday Christmas day was a quiet time of contemplating the most difficult year for everyone but also thankful here in WA .I had an easy meditation session and evening with Family.Saturday was just an hour of walking with 20 minutes going hard .Managed 7km in the heat.Sunday an easy hour running with 6mins on and 3 minutes walking for just under 8km.

A  pretty easy week .The weight remains static but hopefully in a month will be under 75kgs. I was suppose to go down to Denmark this coming week but that was put on hold .So will just train here and hopefully will be fit to help pace the runners at Delirious in February.

This weeks session is dealing with the negative thoughts that flood through and white-ant our desire in a race and convinces us to drop out in  the extreme scenario of a death spiral of negative thoughts.

What is imposter Syndrome

I have been trying to smile and to focus on relaxing on runs all hard as the thoughts flood in and out and for me the coughing is also a disruptor of focus.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Week 4 & 5 Dec 7-20

 The fourth week into a year long programme is moving slowly. The days are warmer and the training on hot days are harder .My coughing comes and goes and is a real nuisance to training but settles down after 10-20 minutes but i will need to see if I can get it sorted. 


The training is building slowly with a 2.5 hr run walk session on Sunday .otherwise it has been fairly light.I have continued to practice the meditation and slowly learning to try and focus the mind and not getting too disconcerted with the thoughts flooding in .Just refocusing back to the present.  It is slow going and not a quick panacea for the run becoming effortless but I am finding like all things it is a slow progression with having faith that in time all these small endeavors will surely help the ultimate goal of running ultra distances.

The following week is the same with the focus on now trying to practice relaxing and focusing on the runs . Great article on smiling whilst running which I read on training Peaks and which was discussed in our session that somehow it does make the run feel better . Can Smiling make you run faster

Run: 45.4 km ~ 6:15:23 (6:00:00) // Bike: 36.5 km ~ 1:38:00 // Meditation: 53:00 (1:10:00) // Strength Training: 0.0 km ~ 1:16:26 // Cross Training: 0.0 km ~ 1:36:38 // Total: 81.9 km ~ 11:39:28 (7:10:00

I did a 3 hour run on Sunday and ran to Sherbet for breakfast and then a run home for the 3 hours and about 23kms .The weight is slowly coming off but a long way to go yet.